About Me

Miguel Presno (Chachachato) is a Mexican visual artist (b. 1981), based in Mexico City.

Art is in his DNA, coming from a theater director mother and a choreographer father, despite having belonged to the corporate world for several years.

With more than 15 years of career, he has collaborated for different projects in advertising agencies, magazines and publications such as Elle México, Cuadernos Magenta, among others, and is also dabbling in music videos.

His work is a tribute to various artistic and musical influences that have surrounded him throughout his life: rock, glam-rock, pop art, surrealism, kitsch and especially the surf culture of the 90s.


“This store's proposal is to compile his work, his experiences and share how he sees his dreams, hoping that the whole planet becomes part of his imagination.

Miguel Presno (Chachachato)


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